6 Week Pro Drummer Masterclass


6 weeks of training that will guide you along the entire path to becoming a professional drummer. This is the same path hundreds of others have already followed. Are you READY to drop the excuses and start your career as a pro drummer?

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When you register for the 6-Week Academy today, you'll receive ALL of the following:

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6 Week Pro Drummer Masterclass ($1,997 Value)

Six weeks of training where I'll guide you through the ENTIRE tested & proven process for becoming a professional drummer.

Lifetime Pro Drum Academy Platinum Membership ($2,997 Value)

Get in-depth videos, tutorials, downloads, exercises and more. A complete multi-week, multi-class course for EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming a pro drummer.

30-Day Quick Start Checklist ($297 Value)

This is 30 day plan tells you exactly what to do each of the first 30 days after we finish the masterclass.

Pre-written Emails/Text Messages ($497 Value)

Copy and paste these messages to always know exactly what to say to producers and band leaders who might hire you.

Basically you can steal my emails and text messages and use them for yourself.

MUCH More is Included...

Keep scrolling to see EVERYTHING you get when you sign up for the 6-Week Masterclass.

Networking Magic Bullet Training ($97 Value)

There’s one BIG key to any networking/friendship or business relationship. And this one key can literally be the difference between winning over almost every producer, musician and music pro that you come in contact with, and completely turning them off forever.

Now we’re going to cover this in the 6 week class, but I’ve broken out this one aspect and explore it more in-depth in this mini-training, because it really is that important. This will be a great resource in the future to help remind you of this key and make sure you’re making the most of every networking opportunity and developing REAL relationships that matter in the music business.

7-Day Exercise Tune-Up ($147 Value)

Sometimes I “fall off the wagon” so to speak with my playing- and need to work for a few days to get my playing back up to speed… But I don’t want you to deal with WHAT to play if that happens to you. So I’ve put together 7 videos that you can come back to any time you need a quick tune-up on your playing.

These are custom-crafted exercises specifically designed to quickly get you back up to your top-level of playing. And they’re yours as part of the 6-week masterclass.

Raw Drum Tracks ($297 Value)

What if you want to work on your drum mixing skills but don’t have a home studio setup? Well I’m going to give you downloads of 3 drum sessions I recorded. I’ll even give you both the fully mixed versions and the completely raw versions, so you can work from any level of skill that you’re currently at. These are multi-track recordings. 8 tracks each.

These are a great reference for if you DO have a home studio or a few mics set up too, because you can compare your raw tracks with mine, and see what the end goal for your tracks should be. And I’m giving these to you as a special bonus…

Full Drum Mix Walkthrough ($397 Value)

I’ll walk you through my entire mixing process for a track that I’ve recorded. Start to finish… I’ll show it all to you.

I'll even give you recording/mixing software to use in your practice. So you’ll get a full walkthrough of how to mix drums, you’ll get tracks to use in your own practice mixing, and you’ll get software to use if you don’t have any already.

Boom Click Boot Camp ($197 Value)

The number one click-track training program in the world. BCBC is a 14 day video-based training tool that will make you rock-solid with a click track guaranteed. Over 150 drummers have gone through BCBC already.

This is the closest thing to magic for your drumming that I can give you, and it normally sells for $197 - but you guessed it, it’s yours for free when you sign up for the 6-week masterclass…



For some people, having no excuses can be scary.

For me, the fear of REGRET of never making a pro drumming career happen was much worse than
the excuses I used to make about why a career in music wasn't happening.

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19 other drummers who are READY to make this happen!


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